Give us a chance

mutual coorporation

Indonesia is the big country. There are about 250 million people. Such of that, most of Indonesian people live in village. There are place that identical with a poor people. I live there are to. Exactly, I live in Mandirancan village.

The poor people in the village are not the wrong. They want to be a richer too. In past, the policies of government not allow it. The development in village just a little. The priority of development is in the city. So, the people in the village are left behind.

Become a villagers not make me ashamed. I know, in the future it will better.

The village legislation

In 2014 years ago, the government ratifies the village legislation. It a good will the government to people’s in the village. With this legislation, the government wants to empower the villagers.

This legislation give a chance to the villagers be a better quality life people. In this condition, the villagers have a chance to make our future live. The government brings back the villagers authority. It’s called recognition.

With the legislation village, the government transfers money to make it successfully. The much money is not the goal. It is a stimulant. This called Dana Desa. Dana Desa had given by the government to increase quality life the villagers.

The good effect

Within 2 years, the village legislation and Dana Desa bring a good effect. One the goal to decreased poverty looks like solved. The hope to be independently make easier.

The villagers optimize Dana Desa to develop their village. They had made the road better. Fix the irrigation. Organize the trainings to community. And many activity that needed by them.

Village legislation makes the passion of the villagers increase. They went to villages meeting. Propose many activities that they know to solve their problems. It’s good to the future welfare.

mutual coorporation
mutual coorporation

Give a lot of information

Not all of the village can do this. They need accompaniment. The villagers are having a little information. The village legislation is being understood is the money. The elite of the village spend the money to them. It is a new corruption.

The villagers who reserve the right be ignored. The elite make a policy together to their own enjoyment. It caused by the ignorance the villagers. They have a little knowledge. It is our problems.

This condition make concerned. It must found a solution. Give a lot of information is one of solution.

Make a better life

The future goal of the nation is building a whole Indonesian society. And the villagers are a part of this. So, the government has an obligation to the villagers too.

The village legislation is a good revolution. This legislation makes our life passionate. If you want to build Indonesian nation, you must build the villagers too. And the village legislation brings it.

To make the villagers better than the past, you just give us a chance.



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